Blink Eye Clinic is a testament to creative design, born from the idea that doctors’ consultation rooms should be warm, friendly and hospitable.

At Blink, we believe good communication with patients is essential. We pride ourselves on treating each of our patients as a unique individual. We spend time informing our patients thoroughly, patiently listening and answering any queries or concerns.

Blink medical equipment eye piece

Blink Eye Clinic medical equipment

An essential aspect of Blink is to create an environment where patients feel comfortable and cared for.

A place where they feel relaxed knowing that they’re in good hands. Friendliness is a key component to healthcare. It’s amazing how much a warm smile can help patients who might be otherwise feel vulnerable and anxious. It costs nothing but gives much.

Blink Eye Clinic offers a full range of ophthalmic services, specialising in:

  • Premium Cataract Surgery
  • Vitreoretinal Surgery
  • Intravitreal Injections for Macular Disease
  • Medical, Laser and Microsurgical Treatment for Glaucoma
  • Specialist Laser Treatment for Vitreous Floaters and Retinal Disease

Dr Richard Barry examining patient's eyes